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School Bus Routing Using GIS

Peace of mind with Northstar
  • Northstar is a comprehensive child safety platform.It leverages the best in Geo-technology to provide an end-to-end school bus tracking and child monitoring solution.Northstar, a product from Magnasoft,leverages GPS, RFID and Video surveillance technology, coupled with a cloud-enabled software platform. In other words, it provides peace of mind to school authorities and parents.
  • Why Northstar

Single Integrated Platform

  • Northstar is the only child safety platform which caters to Bus Tracking, Child Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Driver Analysis and Attendance Management- all in one single platform. We leverage GPS, RFID and Video Surveillance technology to provide a safe environment for kids to grow.

Dedicated Command Center
  • Command Centre is the most unique offering from Northstar. Northstar’s dedicated Command Centre monitors bus movement and on-road behaviour of bus drivers. Parents and school administrators are assured that someone is watching out for the safety of their children.

Trusted by 200 Schools and 400,000 Parents

  • Northstar is the most trusted Child Safety solution. With state-of-the-art facility, futuristic technology and focus on innovation, Northstar is the only practical alternative to ensure safety of children.