Smart I Ward Management

Why use GIS in Ward Management?

  • 24/7 Ready Digital Map
  • A municipal GIS system is a GIS system which manages various tasks of a municipality such as property tax, birth and death registration, socio economic data management and holding registration amongst other tasks. The municipal GIS service also assists in generation of a geospatial view of the current municipal area linked with the corresponding up-to-dated database. Our software developers and business partners work together to help Corporator’s for smart ward Management.
  • Can Display the Problems and the solutions on maps

To Promote: -

  • Accuracy/Productivity
  • Efficiency/Quality
  • Equality/Revenue
  • Accountability

GIS Map used in:- -

  • For Planning and revenue generation through Property Tax
  • Delimitation of Wards
  • Ward wise Backward Population Survey
  • For Slum improvement and up-gradation
  • For planning, design/implementation of water supply & sewerage projects
  • For power distribution planning and revenue generation
  • For Development of City Mobility Plan

As planning and monitoring tool:- -

  • Engineering- Roads, Drains, Fly Over's, ROB, Under pass
  • Health & Sanitation- Coverage, Beats, Locations of Bins & Containers, GPS based Vehicle Tracking System
  • Parking- Locations
  • Traffic- Movement & Planning, Marking of Vending activity
  • Disaster Management- Map based Information
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Advertisement- Locations, suitability, revenue monitoring

WebGIS:- -

    Establishing a GIS by Corporators can offer a wide range of tools to support a ward and citizens in efficiently and effectively managing their utility networks and assets. Through a combination of field data collection and office compilation, as well as leveraging essential data from BBMP, capable of providing a robust mapping solution for the following utility networks:

    Solid Waste Management:- -

    • 1.GIS / GPRS based Garbage Disposal Management System
    • 2.All the tipper Autos, Lorry and the Compactor will be fitted with GPRS enabled devises.
    • 3.The Health Inspector/ In charge will be given an android based Mobile Application to record the attendance of the Pourakarmikas and manage complaints from the citizens.
    • 4.There will be a central control room to track movements of all the Garbage disposal Vehicles and the attendance of all the Pourakarmikas.
    • 5.An android based Complaint registration platform will be provided for the citizens to lodge complaint.
    • 6.A 24/7 Call center will be established to manage the complaints and also track the overall work done.

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Survey:- -

    • 1.Quad copter DRONE With Included 4K Video / 12 Mega pixel Photo Camera
    • 2.Live HD View.
    • 3.Flying Distance 1.2Miles/2KM
    • 4.Powerful Mobile App w/ Auto Video Editor.