Smart I Election Manage

GIS is a powerful tool which can integrate with any other technology or people for the betterment of Society. GIS can provide location intelligence and easy way to visualize huge data. Pictures make human brain to understand the data more easily than a data in spreadsheets. Interactive GIS maps play a major role for user to access the data from a mobile or PC for finding out the best route, location information, complicated searched and queries.

Elections got an inherently geographic in nature. So GIS is the perfect technology for analyse, planning and coordinating election campaigns. It can control the data and people for access to office and field based staff tracking using a mobile device or a PC’S.

Technology in Politics

GIS based booth Analysis of voter pattern for last 3 election

Dedicated knowledgeable volunteer team (30 to 40)

Good visible Campaign Vehicle with audio,3 sets of Handbill with ward map

2000 no.s of postal Handbills, GPS monitored Door to Door campaign in slums

Well organized Station Volunteer with Internet access

GIS for Election Campaign Planning

This technology can give answer for location based questions, and plot it in to a map where we can clearly do analysis and planning.

It will work a key tool for Election Planning

Identifying best locations for Election events.

Search and filter out Parties week zones using old election results data.

Search and display polling booth wise data of last 3 or more elections.

Display the demography of a ward or a constituency.

GIS also will help the party Campaign manager to track and control their staff and party volunteers progress of sign placement operations. Campaign manager can see location of field workers when they interacting with the people.

Mobile GIS for Election Campaigning

Mobile GIS can help the candidate to do a proper campaigning door to door without missing any areas. It will also help the candidate to find out their week zone area using map and concentrate more on that place.

Campaign manager can also use the application for location based voter feedback. Recorded data he can save in to the attribute table. This will help the party for future elections.

Post Elections Analysis

After the election political parties can visualize their campaign result with better results. When a campaign manager stored all data of in to GIS platforms, he can later use it for the future election campaign.